How to write newsletters that won’t comatose your readers

Well written, targeted articles can breathe new life into business communications. But you also want to avoid your newsletter being sent straight to the reader’s recycle bin. Rather than bore customers to death, here are three ways to keep newsletter content fresh and your customers focused on the good work you do.

1. It’s about your customer

Important though it may be to you, no one wants to read about how your business operates or who has been moved from one department to another. Your company should never be the focus of any article, but what your business can do for your customers should. Each article you write needs to include something that is relevant and useful to them. Your aim is to create involvement with their needs. Demonstrate that you’re keen to know if you hit the mark by making provision for customer feedback and asking for future topic suggestions.

2. Write it like you’d want to read it

Big chunks of uninterrupted text may as well come with a heading saying “it will take you too long to read this”. Remember that your customers are busy people too, so keep articles to the point.  Each new topic should:

  • Use short paragraphs of two or three sentences. Grab immediate customer interest by illustrating your point with a relevant graphic or photograph.
  • Write in a conversational tone; you’ll keep your readers’ attention if you sound as though you’re talking with them, not at them.  Keep it professional but light, always referring to “you” not “we”.
  • Use client names and testimonials to strengthen your message and business offer.
  • Always make a call to action, including times and dates to make it even clearer. “Call and make an appointment before June 30 to receive a 20% discount” or “Register now for our free webinar on April 10” is inviting your customer to benefit from interacting with you.

3. Create an effective marketing tool

Get the most out of your newsletter by:

  • Being consistent. Make sure your monthly newsletter is just that. Employ a professional copy writer or blogger to write for you if you’re struggling to meet the deadline or if you’re stuck for ideas.
  • Archive or delete old newsletters from your website to keep content fresh and interesting. Nothing looks sadder than a “current” edition being two years out of date. It’s lazy and it will also cause your customer to question what else on your site may no longer be relevant.
  • Interweave client testimonials and names throughout your articles, giving credence to what you’ve written.

Lastly, don’t forget that newsletters are an excellent way to advertise, so be sure to include social media buttons for instant sharing and networking. The more people who know about what you do, the better. By taking the time to incorporate these tips you’ll soon see that what you’ve got to say suddenly becomes a whole lot more interesting­ and your customers will undoubtedly thank you for it.

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