Why trustworthy testimonials make marketing easier 

You’ll know that LinkedIn has a section for testimonials in each profile and plenty of websites have pages with case studies and positive feedback. Apart from a customer’s personal experience, the most valued opinion comes from someone they trust. It’s for this reason that word of mouth referrals are so valuable.  

The next best thing is a testimonial. It’s a third-party endorsement, most likely from someone you don’t know which makes it credible. It’s like testimonials that appear on book covers. When a credible person says, this is a great book, we’re more likely to believe it.  

 How to use testimonials and case studies 

As you’re in a business that always does a great job, why not ask for a testimonial or case study from your clients when their projects complete? You can use them on your website, in proposals, tenders, award entries, advertisements, eDMs, brochures and emails. If you include the case study or testimonial on your website, include a link to the customer’s website as a courtesy. 

 And the case study or testimonial doesn’t have to be written. It can be a short video testimonial, if your client is willing. 

What your customers say about you could also be useful in other ways. It may reveal insights that you hadn’t considered regarding what customers value about your service or product, whether it’s speed, friendliness, service or quality.  

 What does a good testimonial or case study include? 

Good testimonials and case studies start by the client briefly setting out their problem and then describing the solution and why it was a winner for them. 

 Very simply: 

  • The problem or challenge the client was facing 
  • Why they chose your business to help 
  • The three biggest benefits or outcomes they gained by using your service or product 
  • Why they would recommend your product or service to others 

 When using testimonials: 

  • Include the client’s name, job title and company name 
  • Use them across all your marketing channels 

Finally, don’t forget to thank your client for taking the time to provide you with a testimonial. It’s not only good manners, it reinforces the relationship.  

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