Blog writers’ hacks for beginners

Writing blogs is great for Google search engine optimisation (SEO) and it’s a lot of fun. Blog writing doesn’t mean writing War and Peace or taking lots of time. But what all good blog writers know is that blogs need to engage your readers and attract potential customers. 

Writing business blogs means offering your readers useful information or insights that demonstrate your knowledge. The great news is that blogs are simple and easy to put together. 

  • Writing a blog increases your online presence yet doesn’t cost heaps 
  • Writing blogs using your SEO keywords can create hot leads 
  • Being a blog writer means you get to sound like an authority on your subject. Because you are
  • A blog works for you 24 hours a day and doesn’t argue about having to work public holidays. 

Professional blog writing services are available in Australia if you don’t have time to be your own blog writer.  

Blog writers’ hacks for beginners 

If you don’t know how to write a blog, here are some hacks used by blog writers for inspiration: 

  • Describe a new product or service you now offer. No need to bang on, just a few points about why it’s so great 
  • Is there industry news that’s got you all excited? Chances are others feel the same so put together a few paragraphs about the latest hot topic 
  • Survey your customers. Ask them about a current issue or get them to road-test a product and give you feedback  
  • Pose a question and give your answer 
  • What’s positive about upcoming industry changes? What’s not? 
  • Has something got your goat? Share your opinion (politely) 

You get the idea. Once you’ve put together your blog, don’t forget to carefully edit and proofread your blog. After all, you don’t want to damage your reputation with poor spelling and grammar mistakes 

How long should my blog be? 

Ideally, your blog needs to be between 500-800 words to get the maximum benefit for SEO purposes. The many blog writers in Australia will tell you that this is the ideal word count. If you want to write more, go for it. Scatter your key words throughout the blog and include internal links to other content on your website. 

When you post your blogs, whether on your website or social media, such as LinkedIn, include an image. 

How often should I blog? 

Blog writing once a month is just fine. But if you discover that you love writing blogs and you’ve suddenly realised you can now add blog writer to your CV, feel free to write blogs weekly. Or as ideas pop up. It’s really up to you. 

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