I rest my case (study): why story telling is the new tool for successful marketers

Case studies are a great way to showcase your product or service and such a versatile marketing tool. They’re quick to write, have great pulling power and do a lot of the selling for you. If you haven’t thought about using them on your website, in your tenders or proposals, as part of your blog or in your advertising, now’s the time to think again. Here are four good reasons to use them.

Give your product a voice

Whatever it is that you’re promoting, a case study lets it speak for itself. So much research supports positive customer reaction to the use of stories as an effective marketing method, and that’s really all case studies are. They’ve got a beginning, a middle and an end. There was a problem or a need, your product or service was the answer, the customer was delighted. Everybody likes a happy ending and your customers are no different.

Great marketing

Customers love seeing real life examples of how someone else has used your product or service successfully. It gives them confidence that they’ll be happy with their choice, too. Case studies are also an excellent sales tool for your representatives to use as a leave-behind sales aid and as you build up a library of case studies to choose from, it becomes easier to pull out one that most closely matches your customer’s needs. You can use them as flyers, on websites, for e-marketing, at trade stands – the list goes on.

An impartial view

Importantly, case studies are not you saying you’re great; it’s someone totally outside of your business saying you’re great – and that’s what makes the difference to the next potential customer. Case studies are different to blogs and other marketing material because they come from the end user. That’s really powerful. And, if you can include direct quotes from your customer, then you double your case study’s awesomeness.

Customers love being asked

They do; they really do! Take our word for it – we’ve interviewed countless people for our clients’ case studies. If they’re happy with your product or service you’ll be surprised how many are chuffed to bits that you’ve taken the trouble to contact them personally to ask them to help you create a case study. It’s not onerous, it’s just a few questions about why they keep coming back to you. In fact, asking a genuine customer is an awful lot easier than trying to make a case study up. It’s far better to avoid putting yourself under stress and having a story that sounds contrived by going for the real deal.

And the best thing about case studies? They help customers cut to the chase and find the human side behind your business. Don’t be afraid to show it to them.

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