How to write compelling business copy for your website 

A website sporting well-written business copy will immediately lift your brand above the competition. Your ‘voice’ will be heard because readers respond positively to unambiguous writing that has a compelling message. Here are six ways to ensure it comes across loud and clear.

Decide upon your main message

What exactly is it that you’re offering? Really think about that. What’s the most important thing you want your website visitors to know? Whether the main benefit of your product or service is time-savings, versatility, protection, or better technology, then that’s the core around which all your website content should be centred. It doesn’t need to be hammered into every sentence, but it should be the clear, underlying theme through every page.

About Us

Whilst knowing your company has been around since 1854 is fascinating, it’s missing the point if your About Us page isn’t much more than a history lesson. Why are you great people to work with? Why are you the right business for the job? What special talents does your team bring to the table? What do they look like? Your About Us page is where you begin to establish credibility and foster trust, so don’t waste the opportunity to humanise your business and relate to your readers.

Avoid formality

A natural, conversational tone is a winner every time. If writing is too stiff or formal, it can be intimidating, dissuading some readers from continuing. Take care to keep industry jargon to a minimum and, if you must use technical terms, make sure you provide brief, clear explanations.

Be consistent

Your entire website needs to carry your message, not just the home page. Even the humble Contact Details page is an opportunity not to be wasted. ‘If you’d like to find out more about practical ways to protect your home from unwanted pests, then call our team of professionals now on…’ carries a call to action, reinforces your message and is far more effective than simply listing your number.

Take advantage of feedback

Client testimonials are a great way of getting happy customers to act as unpaid salespeople. Reading positive feedback is hugely influential on a prospective customer’s decision to buy. Use testimonials liberally throughout your site to help break up text and emphasise the good news on every page.

Keep it clean

Nothing looks worse than business writing full of typos, bad grammar and Over-Reliance Of Capitals For Everything. It’s well documented that readers see the look and feel of your website as a strong reflection of the quality of your product offering, so getting it right really matters. Always have someone – preferably a professional – check every bit of website copy before it’s uploaded.

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