How to write a business profile

It’s worth spending the time writing a strong business profile as you may be able to use or repurpose this content on your website, in your marketing materials, tenders or proposals, or across other professional documentation.

Brainstorm your key messages

The first thing to do is to brainstorm your key messages. Think about what your point of difference is, and why a customer should choose you over a competitor. Your differentiator could be your customer service, range of products or industry experience – or a combination of all these factors. Be specific and back up your claims. Don’t go into too much detail though, or you’ll risk overloading the reader and sending your communication off course!

Your goal is to stick to the point and make it clearly and powerfully as customers typically don’t want to navigate through pages of copy. Make sure you cover off all the ‘need to know’ information, while integrating your key messages throughout the piece.

Use the right language

It’s important to remember that your brand comes to life through all the touchpoints your customers have with your company. This includes your written material. Therefore, choose the tone, style and language to best reflect your brand positioning. For example, opt for conversational language if you want to be your customers’ friend; go for more formal language if your point of difference in your industry is your professionalism or expertise.

Write the elevator pitch

Start the profile with a high-level introduction of who you are and what you do. This needs to be succinct and well-defined so the customer can decide the company’s relevance to them straightaway. This provides the foundation for more information and context.

Then, you can follow on, if relevant, with information about the company’s vision, its history (if this makes it more credible), and any award wins or other accolades.

Introduce your core team

It’s the people that make your business succeed; what’s more, it’s often relationships that retain clients. Therefore, it’s a good idea to introduce some of your key team members. This presents the human face of your company, making it real and immediate for customers. You can include images and short bios that highlight the individuals’ experience and credentials.

Present your products or services

Provide more detail on what specifically you offer. You can present this information in bullet points to make it easily digestible. Make sure you provide the full gamut of your offering to showcase your expertise and appeal to all customer segments.

Mention key clients

You’ll want to communicate that you have a solid track record. Mentioning key clients – particularly well-known names – gives you authority and attracts other customers who follow the lead of brands they admire.

Give contact details

If appropriate, use this as an opportunity to reiterate your key message or service offering. For example: “To find out more about how we can achieve X for you, contact us on…”

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