How to use Social Proof to Blow Your Own Trumpet

It’s all very well for a company to say it’s the best there is in its particular field, but unless the claim is backed up by solid facts (or social proof), it’s all hot air.

In today’s markets, established firms with years of solid experience can often find themselves competing with relative fly-by-nighters who have little actual history but a far more impressive array of sales and marketing materials. So how can you help potential clients separate the wheat from the chaff?


Quotes from satisfied clients which identify their name and company details give strong support to your claims. Use testimonials which focus on saying why your company is good, not just that it is good. For example, ‘XYZ’s training personnel were excellent communicators and gave clear instructions on every aspect of the new system’ is a far more powerful quote than ‘XYZ were great to work with.’

Case studies

An ideal way to illustrate your capabilities, case studies should be brief and concise. Make sure they cover four key areas:

  • The client ­ who they are and what they do
  • The business challenge ­ what issues they faced and what needed to be achieved
  • The solution­ how your business resolved the issues and why your solution was the best
  • The results ­ the benefits your customer now enjoys as a result of your efforts

Awards and certifications

Clearly and prominently state what your business has achieved. Safety certificates, excellence-in-your-field awards and nominations, business awards, membership of regulatory bodies, compliance certificates; these all are evidence of the stability and strength of your business.

Clients and projects

Who have you worked with? What type of projects have you worked on? How many have you successfully completed and what was their dollar value? Make sure to advertise these achievements on your website, in your capability statement and for marketing purposes. Don’t forget to include how long your clients have been with you to further emphasise strong working relationships.

Articles and recommendations

There is nothing wrong with the self-promotion of your business, so provide links to any articles about your services, interviews you’ve given, media reviews, LinkedIn recommendations and more.

Solid evidence about your business is what customers look for and are reassured to see. Work smarter not harder by making best use of the information and experience you already have to back up your claims and build confidence with your clients.

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