How to avoid mistakes in your important business documents

It would be a crying shame if a document you’ve spent countless hours working on is riddled with errors when it’s released online or in print. Consider the recent $50 note fiasco. It’s usually only later, after the document has been read by a few people, that the mistakes become obvious.

You probably ask colleagues to proofread your important documents. When we’re asked to proofread annual and business reports, financial statements, PDSs, RAPs, tenders or proposals, clients often tell us: ‘You won’t find much as we’ve read through the document in-house’.

It’s no wonder then that they’re surprised when we come back with an average of 10 mark-ups a page. In a 100-page or so annual reporting suite, that’s around 1,000 mark-ups.

So how can you be confident that your documents are error-free?

By asking a rigorous proofreader to help you. Getting a proofreader on board for your important documents is risk assurance for your brand.

While we cannot guarantee the amount of time and stress a proofreader will save you (although we can guess), we do guarantee that your proofreader will find inconsistencies and errors that no one else has noticed.

A professional proofreader will:

· Mark-up inconsistencies, such as mixed use of capital letters and different styles of bullet points.

· Mark-up typos and grammatical errors.

· Check that the headings have the correct hierarchy.

· Check the table of contents matches the pages.

· Mark-up misalignment of margins.

· Point out content that doesn’t make sense.

· Give you peace of mind that everything is in order.

Professional proofreading is a simple solution to avoiding mistakes appearing in your important business documents.

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