How to generate more Ideas for your business blog

That business blog you started recently is no doubt coming on a treat. However, even the most ardent blogger can find it challenging at times to come up with new topics. Check out these great ideas for some inspiration.

  • Has your company just won an award? Why did you enter and how will winning help your customers?
  • What’s a typical problem that your target customer has? Outline your best solution.
  • What other industry blogs do you read regularly? Share your favourite with your customers and provide some helpful links.
  • Is there an industry leader worth listening to? Who is it and why do you rate them highly?
  • Was there something unique or funny that happened at your workplace this week?
  • Why not create a list of some key industry terms, acronyms and jargon? You’ll be surprised how many of your customers would welcome brief explanations.
  • Compare and contrast some of the latest products or services in your field using a simple rating system. Include good quality images.
  • What are the top three things which determine quality in your industry?
  • Introduce a new employee. What’s their background and why are they such a good choice?
  • Have you recently introduced a new system to help with workflow? Why not share with your customers the difference it’s made to the service you provide them.
  • Are there holidays coming up? Let your customers know your arrangements and revised opening hours.
  • What drives you crazy about your industry? What’s your suggestion for a solution?
  • Are you fundraising for a good cause? Tell your customers about it and invite them to get involved. Create a second blog later to update them on your results.
  • Create a series of brief but interesting case studies to showcase what you do. What was the issue? What were the challenges? What was your recommended solution? What difference did it make to your customer?
  • What’s the latest trend in your industry? In your opinion, will it be a winner or just a passing fad?
  • Why not throw the spotlight on your customers? There’ll be many who’ll be happy to endorse your product or service. Include a happy snap to add the human touch.
  • Invite your readers to nominate their favourite blogs.
  • Create a portfolio of your product or service in action. It might be a shot of a component coming off the production line, or you sitting down with a customer to discuss their needs. Perhaps it’s a photo of your great looking stand at a recent trade show. Always use sharp images and create informative captions.

Remember, blogs don’t have to be lengthy, but they do have to be interesting. It’s all about finding ways to stay in touch with your customer base and keeping the momentum going. So, blog on!

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