Winning business awards – improve your chances with a great submission  

If you’re considering entering a business award, take note of these important tips to radically improve your chances of winning.

Play by the rules

Truly, there’s no point entering if you believe that instructions such as, ‘In no more than 500 words…’ or ‘Show evidence using sales growth figures’ don’t apply to you. They do. And if you don’t comply, your award submission will end up in what’s euphemistically referred to as the ‘circular file’. Award entry rules are there for a reason and judges expect you to comply.

Be strategic

You’re keen. But before you go at it like a bull at a gate, thoroughly read the award criteria, taking special note of any question weightings as these are good indicators of where your efforts should be concentrated. Also mark up which questions may require input from others or take longer to answer. A hurriedly put together entry will read like a hurriedly put together entry, so treat it like any other project and manage its creation appropriately.

Find your voice

The judges are looking for a good story, not a bunch of facts listed one after the other. Facts are important, of course, but they need to be woven into a compelling narrative that keeps the reader wanting to know more. If writing engaging content isn’t your forté, consider investing in the services of a professional award submission writer to make your entry really stand out.

Presentation matters

It really does. Your award entry is an exercise in promoting your brand, so its imperative it looks as professional and appealing as possible. It must be error-free; any images must be sharp and relevant to the text; graphs and charts must be legible; formatting must be spot on.

Create a bank of evidence

As your business year continues, make sure to document stand-out accomplishments as they happen. Keep details in a separate file to give you a ready bank of easily-accessible information for future award submissions. You’ll not only save time in the long run but find getting started so much easier. The successful undertaking of a difficult project; winning production initiatives; staff accolades; positive customer feedback; good publicity; industry recognition – all of these can be used as valuable supporting evidence.

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