Why winning an award is a win-win situation

Despite mountains of evidence, some business owners still remain unconvinced of the benefits of winning a business award. So, listen up: here’s what will happen.

You immediately look way better than your competitors

You won, they didn’t. End of.

Customer trust increases

Winning a business award increases customer confidence in your brand.

Brace yourself for recognition

Lots of it. You’ll be perceived as an expert within your peer group and an industry leader. Others will seek your opinion.

Your staff will love you (even more)

Winning an award is a huge morale boost. Extra brownie points will come your way if you reward your team by taking them to the glitzy award ceremony.


Becoming a finalist – and even better, an award winner – is one big PR opportunity. Shout about your achievements to all and sundry via branding on your website, posts on social media, and slather it all over your marketing materials. And don’t forget your email signature.

Equal billing

No matter that your business may not be the biggest in its class, it’s just been judged to be the best in breed. Your competitors may be bigger than you, but suddenly the playing field looks a lot more level.

Increased awareness

Award organisers put a lot of effort into publicising their event, so bask in the glory that comes from all that fabulous free advertising.

Added extras

Heaps of business awards offer a free company health check or reporting on the ‘health’ of your business. These act as valuable assessment exercises that can help you to ensure your business operates more efficiently and effectively.


Everybody wants to be on the winning team. Customers and staff alike will want to stick with a business that is obviously doing well.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for a big national award or a smaller, community event, the adrenaline buzz you get from winning is still the same. So, think seriously about making the effort to enter and don’t hesitate to call upon professional award writers like Proof Communications if you’re not sure where to begin.

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