How to generate leads from your newsletter

In an ever-propagating inbox, newsletters can be the first to see the trash can; they often add little value and can just suck time up. But the ones that are done well, connect, inform, sometimes amuse, and often get a sale!

So, give your newsletters an SOS and make them effective marketing tools. Here’s how to do it:

1. Focus on your customer

Your newsletters should always primarily be about your customers and what you can do for them. Gather content that aligns with their wants or needs so you can build a stronger relationship with them.

2. Provide special offers

Regular special offers can be a good way to entice click through and ensure that your copy adds real value. Similarly, time-sensitive calls to action can get results and provide data to measure the return on investment for your communication.

3. Celebrate business successes

The secondary focus of your newsletter can be your business successes, serving to assure your customers they have made the right choice in selecting you. This content can include new contracts, client testimonials, media, award wins and more.

4. Make it visual

Words on a page can look dull and rather a lot like work! Most readers scan to see what catches their attention. Images and colour immediately make a communication more interesting. Enhance readability by:

  • Using short paragraphs of two or three sentences
  • Illustrating with relevant graphics or photographs
  • Allowing plenty of white space
  • Adopting a friendly, conversational tone

5. Be consistent

Make sure your newsletter arrives on time and looks professional. This reliability reflects well on your customer service. Make sure your copy is proofread as mistakes can be embarrassing and sometimes costly to your business. Use a copywriter for an external perspective, fresh content ideas, and to help deliver on time.

6. Distribute far and wide

Distribute your content as widely as possible to get as much bang for your buck as you can. Where possible, include social media buttons so that your customers can share your content. They are your best advocates and greatest asset. Remember, if you do a great job with your newsletter, you’ll not only grow your readership but doubtless your customer base too!

7. Make it easy to contact you

Make it easy for readers to contact you with your details well set out or a ‘contact us’ button.

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