How to engage with your customers on social media 

Online resource centre for small businesses, All Business, recently asked 13 members of the by-invite-only Young Entrepreneurs Council one question: What’s the best way to use social media to engage your customers and improve brand loyalty and reach? Here’s some food for thought.

  • Focus on providing value. Share tips, news, information and teaching. Do so, and you establish yourself or your brand as subject matter experts whilst helping others. (Scott Levy, Fuel Online)
  • Highlight active community members. People love to be recognised so share their inspiring stories. You’ll increase engagement and show the authenticity and humanity of your brand. (Justin Faerman, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine)
  • Always be authentic. Many social media marketers focus on using the right words to attract customers when it’s authenticity that will get them every time. Social media became cool because it’s a platform to socialise, not sell. (Codie Sanchez,
  • Put your company mission to work. For example, our company mission is to ‘Move the World’, so every Monday we feature a story of a team member moving a client’s world. It really demonstrates your commitment to your customers. (Nick Friedman, College Hunks Hauling Junk)
  • Treat ‘social’ as part of your communications. Potential customers will check your social media to see how social you really are; they expect you to be up to date and accessible. (Eng Tan, Simplr)
  • Respond to queries. It’s challenging but make a concerted effort to respond to all comments and questions in a timely manner; it helps increase engagement and brand loyalty. (Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Creative Development Agency LLC)
  • Make it interactive. Post polls, votes, and contests to keep it lively – and be sure to respond to every comment, even by just a quick ‘thanks!’ Followers want to know their voice is being heard. (Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance)
  • Create an emotional connection. Individuals will give preference to people they know, like and trust, so share captivating stories, images and inspirational anecdotes which relate to what your clients are experiencing in their lives right now. (Charles Gaudet, Predictable Profits)
  • Use chatbots with great content. Doing giveaways using chatbots is a great way for customers to appreciate and receive value from your company. AppSumo is great at making this happen. (Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now)
  • Be the solution to their problems. Post content that solves your audience’s problems; engage directly via comments to build a community. Brand loyalty is a two-way street based on attention and consideration. Pay attention to your customers and they’ll do likewise. (Matthew Capala, Alphametic)
  • Retarget website visitors on social media. I use Facebook’s retargeting pixels through my website to show Facebook ads to visitors I haven’t converted. (Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner)
  • Encourage user-generated content. Rather than focusing on all new content, I ask my fan base to send me what they think others would find valuable. It creates a more inclusive audience that enjoys reading our content and engaging with it. (Sweta Patel, Silicon Valley Startup Marketing)
  • Show the inner workings. Share the inner workings of your organisation. People love to know how things work – they want to be an insider. As they increasingly distrust larger organisations, it’s a smart move to find ways to share how things are done for the benefit of your customers. (Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure)

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