How a four letter word could win you new business

When it comes to writing B2B business development documents, it’s natural to write about your business. What happens though is that your documents end up being all about you, not about what your readers – your prospective clients – will gain by working with you.

One easy way round this is to use the words ‘your’ as well as ‘you’.

Such everyday words are very powerful. They personalise your writing and speak directly to your reader, making the document about them. Using ‘your’ helps you, the writer, to set out more clearly what your reader will gain by using your business, product or service, which is what your B2B business development documents are ultimately about. (Look at how many times ‘your’ has been used in this paragraph, just for example.)

Here are some examples:

Before: Smith & Smith Lawyers has 25 years’ experience in environment law.

After: Your team will be working with Smith & Smith lawyers who bring you 25 years’ experience in environmental law.

Before: All our consultants are available 24/7.

After: Your team will have easy access to our consultants 24/7.

Before: We are specialists in our field.

After: You will receive advice from specialists.

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