Business Awards – You’ve got to be in it to win it 

Every week, some lucky person becomes obscenely wealthy overnight after their numbers come up, and millions of Australians curse their own bad luck. If only they’d had the foresight to buy a ticket.

Winning a business award, however, is nothing to do with luck and undoubtedly requires a shedload more effort than a quick trip to the newsagent. But here’s why entering really is worth it. 

Assess your business performance.

Most business awards require you to provide evidence of growth, clear examples of overcoming challenges, innovations, promoting your industry, customer satisfaction and a great deal more. It’s an excellent opportunity to identify successes and see where improvements can be. Even if you don’t win this time, it helps your forward planning.

Terrific PR.

Being a finalist or winner puts the spotlight firmly on your business and attracts more customers, so make sure to broadcast your achievements!

Increased credibility.

The value of third party endorsement shouldn’t be underestimated. An independent panel of judges has found your and/or your business meets its high criteria. High praise indeed, giving you a huge competitive advantage.

Team morale.

Even the simple act of knowing you’ve submitted a great entry can dramatically improve staff morale. Take the whole team to the awards’ ceremony; it’s a terrific networking opportunity and a wonderful way for you to publicly acknowledge everyone’s efforts.

How can you improve your chances? 

Great stories need to be conveyed in ways which make them stand out from every other contender. Proof Communications writes award content that meets strict criteria and word counts, whilst outlining your achievements in a compelling, engaging manner. Just a small sample of our outstanding award writing track record over the last six months includes: 



Australian Business Awards 2018 

Product Innovation 



Australian Institute of Management Excellence in Leadership Award 

  • Owner/Entrepreneur 


Northern Outback Business Awards 

  • Workplace of Choice 
  • Service Excellence 
  • Sustainability in Business 




Hunter Safety Awards Finalist 
MFAA Excellence Awards Finalist 
Tourism Accommodation Australia Excellence 

  • Finance Talent 


Engineers Australia – Australia’s Most Innovative Engineer 

  • Building and Construction 


Fremantle Business Awards 

  • Excellence in Hospitality 


HM Awards 2018 

  • MICE Category 



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