Avoid headaches: employ a professional business writer 

‘Write a complex business document’ is never going make it onto any list of Fifty Things You Absolutely Must Do Before You Die. Many individuals tasked with creating complex but compelling business documentation view such requests as being on par with being asked to willingly put their head in a vice. Hardly surprising given that business writing is almost certainly not the skill set they were originally employed for.  

In fact, almost certainly made-up statistics show that an overwhelming majority of people would happily choose death instead. But if complex business documents such as financial reports, high-level communications, white papers, thought leadership and a whole lot more are to be of real value to a company, they must be written very well indeed. And that’s where employing a professional business writer comes in. 

How can they help? 

A skilled business writer works closely with each client to establish key messages from often vast amounts of information. Whether it’s a tender, an entry for a prestigious award or an important business presentation to attract a new client, a professional business writer will: 

  • Write using the organisation’s specific ‘voice’, carefully pitching tone to match the target audience. 
  • Build a logical structure for the document, communicating ideas clearly and succinctly. 
  • Use language that encourages the reader to keep reading, ensuring key messages make real impact via engaging content. 
  • Present complex information in an easily understandable way; avoiding jargon but without patronising the reader. 
  • Ensure correct use of grammar and punctuation. 

Multi-use material 

One of the key benefits for companies employing a business writer is that professionally-created content for one purpose can very often be re-deployed in a multitude of ways – for tenders, bids, website content, marketing communications, advertising, training materials, social media, newsletters, industry comment, award entries and much more. 

Recognising real value 

Savvy business owners work with professional business writers who help them protect their brand from potential damage caused by poorly created business documentation and assist in maintaining customer confidence. What’s more, they can see the real value in allowing employees to devote 100 per cent of their time to what they do best: their jobs. 

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