• What is a grant application?

    A grant application is a document or set of documents that are submitted to an organisation that is offering funding for a particular project, research or cause. The submission documents have the explicit intent of securing funding.

  • I’ve never used a grant writer before. What does a grant writer do?

    In a nutshell, Proof Communications’ expert grant writers will create a strong, professionally written grant application by:

    • Familiarising themselves with the funding and application requirements
    • Conducting any research into information around the grant deliverables and desired outcome
    • Interviewing you and your team to collate information about your business or organisation, your value proposition, and how you propose to use grant funds
    • Writing compelling responses that meet grant application criteria and answer all the questions appropriately
    • Checking that your grant response complies with all application requirements.
  • Does the size of the grant matter?

    Not at all. We specialise in helping businesses, not-for-profits and other organisations through the entire grant writing process no matter what the size of the grant.

  • Do you charge a fee to begin writing or a percentage of a successful grant awarded?

    Our fees are based on the estimated time we believe it will take to complete your grant application for you. You pay only for the hours accrued, nothing else. You will always receive a fee proposal for your consideration first.

  • How can your grant writing services help me to prepare my grant application?

    Our expert grant writers will help you to articulate why your business or organisation deserves to receive funding. Your grant writer will ensure your grant application presents a strong value proposition whilst fully addressing all the questions and any compliance requirements. When doing this, they will prepare high quality content for the application, and also complete a final edit and proofread before you submit your application.

  • How long does writing a grant take?

    It depends on the complexity of the grant application. For example, how many questions there are,  how much information is required to be provided, and how many meetings we may need to have with you.

    Even smaller grants can take quite a while to prepare. So make sure to begin the grant writing process as early as possible to lessen stress and allow sufficient time for your grant writer to craft a focused and compelling grant application.

  • What are the benefits of using your grant writing services?

    Just some of the many advantages of using our professional grant writing service include:

    • You avoid the time and stress involved in trying to write your own grant application. This frees your time to focus on the budget for the funding and ensures you can spend maximum time on your core business.
    • You can submit a professionally written, well-constructed and fully compliant grant application that is more likely to succeed.
    • Peace of mind from knowing that all the grant application questions have been answered to show your business, cause or funding need in the best possible light and position it for success. What’s more your answers will be fully compliant with all eligibility criteria.
  • Have you got any grant writing tips?

    Absolutely we do! Here a just a few to get you started.

    • Read the grant application very carefully. Ensure you fully understand what the granting body is looking for.
    • Make sure your business, organisation or charity is eligible for the grant you’re applying for. Don’t waste time and energy by starting your application only to find that you’re not eligible. Make doubly sure that your program aligns with the grant’s objectives.
    • Always follow the grant application directions to the letter. Non-compliant grant applications will be immediately disqualified.
    • Give yourself enough time to complete the application.
    • Answer every question, ensuring you cover all criteria.
    • Write using a consistent style and tone
    • Avoid jargon. Write succinctly. Remember, an assessor may be unfamiliar with your industry sector.
    • Clearly set out your objectives for the funding. Explain how the funding will be used and why this is important. Make your objectives for the funding quantifiable wherever possible. Explain how you will measure the success outcomes.
    • Include keywords from the guidelines and assessment criteria where appropriate.
    • Provide clear budget details.
    • Make sure your application is thoroughly proofread.