“It’s the collaborative way Proof Communications approaches tender writing that I enjoy the most.”

Louise Hughes, Director, TRANSITION


TRANSITION is a Sydney-based relocation consultancy.


  • Win new contracts through tenders
  • Differentiate TRANSITION from its competitors

Our approach

Proof Communications collaborated with TRANSITION Director Louise Hughes to understand her company’s point of difference and clearly articulate it in her tender response.


“The evaluator told us there was nothing to critique about the tender response, that it was perfect,” recalls Louise.

“I had been writing tenders myself for many years, but I reached the point where I realised that I wasn’t getting over the line. I needed a professional to help me articulate my expertise in a way that would make my business stand out.”

As an experienced relocation planning specialist and leader in her industry, Louise has a strong sense of what her business has to offer. “Proof Communications has an easy ability to take my ideas and move them up the next level,” Louise says.

“I love Proof Communications’ collaborative approach. It’s not like handing something over and hoping they’ll get it right. I know what I want to say and how to answer the questions, but I don’t know how best to word them. Proof Communications drives the process, combining their expertise and my knowledge in the best way possible. It’s true collaboration.”

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