StateCover Mutual Limited

Glynis has helped to humanise us. She has helped us communicate in a way that is approachable and easy to understand.

Elle Baitieri, Marketing Associate, StateCover Mutual Limited

StateCover Mutual Limited

StateCover Mutual Limited is a member-owned organisation that provides workers’ compensation insurance to local government entities in NSW. It insures around 94% of eligible councils across the state and covers a workforce of 32,000 employees.


  • Heavy workload in Marketing
  • Limited in-house copywriting expertise
  • Communicate in plain English rather than legalese

Our approach

Proof Communications edits StateCover’s copy to plain English. This immediately makes content more readable and interesting, improving the communication outcomes for the organisation.


StateCover has been working with Proof Communications for the last few years on marketing communications, collateral and business development materials.

“There have been so many projects,” says Elle Baitieri, Marketing Associate at StateCover. “Tenders, re-writing standard claims letters to injured workers, member councils and rehabilitation providers, quarterly blogs to members, copywriting for our marketing collateral and conference materials, and much more!

“Proof has really helped us to write in a certain way,” she says. “We had no in-house expertise in copywriting, so previously our communications were written in a very formal, rigid way. Glynis has helped to humanise us. She has helped us communicate in a way that is approachable and easy to understand.”

Elle says that working with Proof Communications has helped the organisation move in the right direction. “Now we always try and communicate in plain English and not just in a legal or technical way,” she says.

On working together, Elle says, “Glynis is always approachable, collaborative, open and friendly – happy to help. And as our marketing function currently begins and ends with me, she has helped make my job so much easier!

“We are working towards using consistent language and tone of voice across all our communications, and Glynis’ contribution in helping us achieve this has been invaluable.

“The work is reasonably priced as well, so that’s never an obstacle,” she adds.

For help with copywriting, proofreading or editing any of your business documents, contact Proof Communications on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216 or head to the contact page.

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