“The customer case studies that Proof Communications writes for us are flawless.”

Cate Gettens, Program Manager, CBS Marketing, Canon Australia

Canon’s needs

Canon uses customer case studies as proof of success. Case studies are a powerful marketing tool because they give real-life examples of how Canon satisfies its customers’ needs and helps them accomplish their goals. When a potential customer reads a case study, they are more likely to believe that Canon understands their specific business requirements and can offer a successful solution.

The case studies are published on various media platforms, such as the Canon website, content hub, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as adapted for print media. For this reason, it’s important to Canon that Proof Communications writes in a way that reflects their brand.

How does Proof Communications help?

Proof Communications writes regular customer case studies for Canon that are well-researched, meticulously accurate and professionally executed.

“They understand our brand and know how to talk about our products using the right style and terminology,” says Cate Gettens, Canon’s Program Manager.

“There is no effort required on my behalf because they are so incredibly easy to work with.”

The thorough approach taken by Proof Communications includes first interviewing the Canon Account Manager. Why? To gain a full understanding of the solutions put in place, so that the interview with the customer can focus on the “results” gained by using Canon.

It also helps Canon that Proof Communications is able to write expertly about topics, drilling down to the most important information about why customers benefit from having their business needs fulfilled.

“I like work to be accurate and achieved without a fuss – there’s no doubt they fulfill this brief”, says Cate.

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