Activ8 Finance

Engaging Proof Communications was definitely an investment in me and my business – not an expense.

Cathy Brown, Founder & Director, Activ8 Finance

Activ8 Finance

Activ8 Finance is a boutique mortgage and finance practice. Cathy Brown, Founder and Director is determined to help clients achieve their financial dreams – whether that be buying a home, building a property portfolio, or even becoming a property developer. She also wants to make a lasting difference to them through education.


  • Overcome self-doubt and nominate for an award
  • Win an award in the highly competitive broker industry
  • Limited in-house writing expertise

Our approach

Proof Communications spent time talking to Cathy to get to know her, as well as her business, her passions, and how she strives to make a difference. We helped her identify and articulate her strengths and differentiators and drafted the award entry on her behalf.


Cathy says, “Glynis wrote one entry on my behalf, which I was able to adapt to enter another three separate awards. There is so much value in the work she produced! Engaging Proof Communications was definitely an investment in me and my business – not an expense.”

In just a few short months, Cathy received the sort of industry recognition that previously she could only have dreamed of:

  • Winner – Best All-Round Broker in NSW and ACT (Connective Excellence Awards)
  • State Finalist – Residential Finance Broker Award (MFAA Excellence Awards)
  • National Finalist – Best Independent Mortgage Broker (Women in Finance Awards)
  • National Finalist – ANZ Brokerage of the Year (1-5 staff) + FBAA Broker of the Year – Independent (The Australian Mortgage Awards)

“Glynis made the process incredibly easy,” Cathy says. “She quickly understood me, my business, and my passion for making a difference and getting more women involved in the industry. She really helped me articulate my strengths.”

Cathy has benefited immensely from the huge profile boost she gained as a result of this industry exposure. “My existing clients have all been so gracious and congratulatory,” she says. “My business referrers have been amazing; they’re now introducing me as ‘the award-winning broker’ – an endorsement that has completely repositioned me in the eyes of potential clients.

“I’m also getting a lot more attention from the banks and media trade journals, who now see me as a thought leader. Again, and again, I’m being asked for my expert opinion on the challenges facing the industry. I’ve also been invited to participate in roundtable discussions with other industry leaders and specialists on topics I’m truly passionate about, such as opportunities for women in finance.

“Entering these awards has definitely opened up doors for me. I only wish I’d done it sooner.”

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