How Do You Write a Winning Award Submission?

Winning business awards has a number of benefits for your business. It’s a win-win business situation. It will raise the profile of your company, improve the morale of your leaders and staff, and it can reflect positively in other areas, including attracting new employees and future business investment. But winning business awards means ensuring you know about the first part of the process: writing business awards submissions. Writing great business award entries will guarantee you’re representing your business appropriately. Any award entry in the business world is not about recognising your positives, but it’s about making sure that you can translate this into an award-winning submission. So, what do you need to do?

Focus on Your Success Story

Successful business award entries focus on the progress the business or businessperson has made. There are many people or companies that are delivering great outcomes, growing revenue, or being more innovative. When you are writing business award entries, you need to be forthright and explain how your business is making such progress and provide sufficient evidence. If you explain how you’ve overcome challenges within your business, and describe the outcomes, winning business awards may be one step closer than you think!

Writing business awards submissions is not always easy because it is not about boasting or embellishing your words, but about being yourself. At the same time, it’s important that you don’t provide modesty, even in false forms. You need to show how you have made a difference. This is where having professional award writers can help you to fine-tune your story and make it appropriate to your awards submissions.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Write a Great Business Award Submission

Writing business awards submissions yourself gives you the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate your achievements. It allows you to look back at your business, and celebrate your successes, understand what you could have improved on, but to prepare for the future.

Business award entries have long gestation periods. As the process of winning awards involves long lead times, this means you do not need to focus on writing business award entries in one go. You need to make enough time to focus on writing business awards submissions but in a way that you can truly focus on each question. This will be beneficial to how you frame your awards submissions. Plus, you may want to provide supplementary data to back up your claims, for example, financial records or your business plan. These things can take a while to put together.

While award entries need your focus, if you set aside enough time you can go through a number of drafts to ensure that your awards submissions cover every single base. It’s so important during the writing process to allow yourself sufficient time so you can cover every single pertinent point, and this is why professional business award writers can be invaluable at this point. As they have plenty of experience, but also the knowledge of how to write an outstanding award entry within the time frame, you can focus on creating awards submissions that win business awards.

Use the First Person When Writing Business Awards Entries

Creating solid business award entries involves personalising your entry. We have lots of tips for entering business awards that will help with this. It can seem like an incredibly competitive arena, but in order to cut through the noise, use down-to-earth language. Many businesses think that in order to be considered for awards wins, they need to be complex, verbose and florid in their language. But the reality is that these terms are not going to help your case. And the best place to begin is by writing in the first person.

When writing business award entries, use “I” if you are an employee or an individual. Or if you are acting as a company, use the expression “we”. When you start writing business award entries it becomes abundantly clear that you are focusing on a more personal approach. While some organisations may prefer something more formal, the reality is that it’s the results that are going to bolster your claims. Preparing business award entries should be more personal, and so you need to write your entry as if you are speaking directly to the judges.

Achieving a business award is a fantastic means to getting that all-important credibility. Writing business award entries can be a fun process, but each award needs writing in a way that piques the interest of the judges. This is where our professional award writers can help you.

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