What is a Capability Statement and do you need one?

What is a capability statement?

A capability statement, sometimes called a credentials document, business profile or corporate profile, is used to start building relationships with prospective clients.

A capability statement communicates what your company has to offer. Its aim is to build confidence in the reader that you’re the expert and will be a reliable supplier.

Do you need a capability statement?

A capability statement is a useful tool to sum up what your organisation does, what it has to offer and its experience. Sometimes you might be asked to include a capability statement with a tender.

More often though, you will use your capability statement as a ‘leave behind’ for prospective clients at meetings or attach it in an email or upload to your website for visitors to download. Proof Communications uses capability statements in automated emails that are sent to prospective clients who make an inquiry via the Contact form on our websites.

It’s best if capability statements are graphically designed, as this helps to present your organisation’s image as professional.

How many pages does my capability statement need?

Some can be as little as a page. Most are 5-8 pages – nice and short, with lots of white space. But if you’ve been asked to provide lots of details, you might find the page count is higher.

What does a capability statement include?

Generally, a capability statement will include:

  • Cover with your logo and business name. You can also include your contact details here.

  • Your business profile – up to 1 page. A succinct description of what your business does, and its key services.

  • Your key selling points – up to 1 page. A description of the outcomes or results that your business, product or service delivers. These might be arranged by service line. Use language that ‘sells’ your product, service or expertise.

  • Your experience – up to 1 page. This describes who you’ve worked with, on what and the fantastic results you’ve delivered. Depending on your product or service, you might include short case studies here.

  • Any award wins, accreditations or certifications – up to 1 page.

  • Your team – 1-2 pages. Describe your team members’ career backgrounds, qualifications and experience. Include photos and a team photo.

  • Contact details.

Do I need to have the capability statement graphically designed?

It’s a good investment to have a professional graphic designer lay out your capability statement. It’s important for your branding and also makes your business look more professional.

Tips on how to write a capability statement

Here are some tips on how to write a capability statement or any B2B marketing or sales document:

  • Keep sentences short and succinct.

  • Use bullet points.

  • Use subheadings.

  • Use white space.

You’ll find more tips here.

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