How Do You Win Business Awards?

Winning business awards is the icing on the cake. When you achieve something big in your business, you naturally want to shout about it, which is where business awards can help you to raise your profile.

There are lots of good reasons to enter business awards. But what does it take to get to this stage? It’s all about making sure that you craft business awards entries that capture the imagination of the judges. How can you do this?

Choose the Right Awards to Enter

You might think that your business naturally lends itself well to a wide variety of awards organisations, but the reality is that if you really want to start winning business awards, you’ve got to find out the right awards and categories that fit your business like a glove. This means looking at what you would like to be recognised for and then finding awards that match your vision.

Because there are so many award organisations out there, you’ve got to refine your search. For example, the AFR Best Places to Work may suit what you are working to achieve if your goals relate to workplace culture and the quality of your working environment.

Younger entrepreneurs could benefit from a number of different awards, all with their own unique criteria. For example, the 40 Under 40 awards have vastly different criteria to the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards, but when you drill down into the finite components of each awards body, it gives you inspiration on how to create winning awards submissions.

Research Each Business Award

Reviewing the criteria for each category that you want to enter is also important when deciding upon which business awards to enter. Why should you do this? Knowing the entry criteria and questions will help you to refine your awards submissions; you’ll have an extra boost of confidence when writing the answers to the questions posed in the business awards.

This is such a crucial component of crafting your award entries, but at Proof Communications, we can help with this all-important stage.

Choose Your Story

The way you choose your story is vital to solid award entries. For example, if you are a larger business, you could focus on how each team has served the business as a whole, or you could use one overriding story and adapt it to fit a number of different categories and awards.

It’s so important to choose your story, which is why we, at Proof Communications, can help you to get rid of the superfluous elements of your submission, get to the core of your business, and tell the story that will impress judges. If your business has so many stories that are ripe for business awards, we can help you choose the best ones.

Give Your Entry the Time it Deserves

Choosing your story will start you on the road to crafting your business awards entries, but writing business awards submissions involves a lot of work upfront. Remember, judges will be reviewing perhaps hundreds of entries. They can spot awards submissions that have been put together hurriedly from a mile off.

The best place to begin is to focus on the entry questions and answer them carefully and thoroughly. But the other piece of the puzzle is to copywrite content that’s more engaging than your competitors’. The trick to succeeding in this way is to set the scene, and any claims you make need to be substantiated with solid evidence.

If you’re at the stage where winning business awards is pivotal to the next stage of your business journey, creating a strategy that works is essential. Proof Communications is a team of professional award writers that can help you to the next stage. Contact us on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216. Let’s get you winning awards that you deserve!

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