Writing Government Tenders


Writing a government tender is not for the faint hearted! An enormous amount of paperwork in addition to answering the tender questions can put real stress on your available time and resources.

Understanding where to start, how to answer the questions and deal with the myriad of paperwork that comes with government tenders requires the expert skills and experience of Tender Writers.

Over the past two decades, we’ve managed and written literally hundreds of successful tenders to government, helping companies to win millions of dollars in new business.


We have written hundreds of tenders to government, including to Australian and state government departments, agencies and government-funded organisations, as well as local governments across Australia. Here are just a few examples:



Even if you’re new to tendering to government, there are steps you can take well in advance to be ready. Being prepared means you’ll find the process of writing a government tender much less arduous.

And that’s not all. The great benefit for our clients is that they submit a polished, professional government tender they are proud of and can readily adapt for future tenders. You can be confident we know exactly how to manage the process to ensure your tender response stands up to the competition.

For the clients we work with as their outsourced government tender writer – professional services, law, accounting and business advisory firms and consulting and services businesses – drawing on our experience as government tender writing professionals helps them deal with the demands of the tender process while they focus on their core business.

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