Chrissy Crust
General Manager,
Proof Communications

Chrissy has enjoyed a long and successful career making a demonstrable difference to a variety of businesses. Working in both profit and not for profit sectors, she has extensive experience in the corporate, retail, hospitality, tourism and real estate industries; and the community sector.

During her 20 years working for the iconic The Body Shop, Chrissy was chosen to set up and run the NSW Bizness Babes Program. This exciting move saw her adapt her proven retail business growth strategies to the world of small business, teaching scores of disadvantaged women to set up and run their own successful business – a truly life-changing initiative. Next stop saw Chrissy seize the opportunity to take her business development skills to the social enterprise sector, leading Social Enterprises Sydney as an inspirational Program Manager.

Chrissy credits her very considerable success to her innate ability to transform a business from the inside out. From team culture and satisfaction; to efficient, supportive systems; and the delivery of exceptional customer service, she’s able to bring about lasting change by ‘living the business’ herself, quickly discovering where golden opportunities lie to take enterprises forward.

Her passion for sharing the keys to business success also led Chrissy to establishing her own small business, running highly focused monthly mentoring meetings as well coaching a clutch of private clients.

When not at work, Chrissy is also an unashamed, self-confessed helluo liborum. A day without reading simply doesn’t exist in Chrissy’s world.

Today, Chrissy is excited to be working not only to grow the success of Proof Communications, but also the many companies we service.