Attract more attention with effective LinkedIn profile writing

Writing a LinkedIn profile is a great advertisement for your best asset: you.

A polished, professional LinkedIn profile highlights your skills, background, achievements and why people should work or connect with you. It’s an vital tool for presenting yourself to the world in the best possible way.

Many people invest considerable energy in creating a brand for their own business or their employer’s. Yet often people fail to boost their personal brand by investing a similar amount of energy in writing an effective LinkedIn profile. So, what is it that stops someone from investing in professional LinkedIn profile writing? And why is it so important?

Why invest in a well written LinkedIn profile?

With more than 875 million users worldwide – almost 13 million of whom are in Australia – LinkedIn is not only an excellent platform for job searchers, but also a large social network where users can build their personal and professional brand. By investing in a sharp, professionally written LinkedIn profile, you not only encourage people to interact with you, you can also showcase your talents and help forge new business connections.

Writing a LinkedIn profile is essential for so many reasons:

  • Make you easy to find by increasing your online visibility
  • Strengthen your personal and business brand
  • Highlight your CV and work history to recruiters looking to headhunt
  • Set out your skills and achievements
  • Give you access to job opportunities
  • Provide networking opportunities with others in your industry
  • Keep you up to speed with latest industry news
  • Help you stay in touch with your business contacts

What stops people from writing a good LinkedIn profile?

The fact is that many of us are simply not comfortable writing about ourselves. There’s also an investment of time required, something that is frequently in short supply for busy professionals. Not only that, but it can be difficult to know just how to write a LinkedIn profile that really stands out from the crowd.

What do you need to include in your LinkedIn profile?

In addition to a clear head and shoulders shot, a good headline is a must.

A headline creates an immediate good first impression. So make your headline more than simply your job title. It’s amazing how many profiles neglect this opportunity to stand out straight away.

Another key aspect of a well written LinkedIn profile is your LinkedIn summary – also known as the ‘About’ section. Here is where you can get really creative by giving an overview of your professional life, describing what matters to you or perhaps highlighting your greatest achievements – the choice is yours. Your summary is an important part of your LinkedIn profile because it adds weight to the good impression you’ve already made with an effective headline clear headline.

Importantly too, writing a LinkedIn profile is about making sure you balance your past achievements and other successes with your aspirations. Explaining the outcomes you deliver in your LinkedIn profile is essential.

Incorporating relevant keywords optimised for LinkedIn’s search algorithms will boost the chances of a recruiter opening your profile to find out more about you and whether you’re a possible good fit for what could be your dream job.

Professional LinkedIn profile writing

Proof Communications’ professional LinkedIn profile writing will make finding you easier.

We write LinkedIn profiles that reflect the objectives of the person needing the profile: to help their LinkedIn profile act as a magnet for recruiters and potential employers; or to profile themselves as a person of influence and authority in their field.

We’ve written LinkedIn profiles and profiles for tenders, proposals, bids, capability statements, websites – all to showcase the many talents of people like you. We’re adept at interviewing people to obtain the information we need to write great profiles, including for LinkedIn. You’ll find our team is genuinely interested in you, your background and your achievements.

Quality guarantee for LinkedIn profile writing

As well as bringing you more than 20 years’ experience of writing, editing and proofreading B2B content and profiles, we are an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified business – the only one of our kind in Australia.

How can we help you with your LinkedIn profile writing?

If you are looking for help to craft an outstanding LinkedIn profile, our expert copywriters are here to help. Contact us or ring us on 02 8036 5532 or 0448 566 377.

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