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Most business owners wouldn’t think twice about hiring a marketing consultant, financial advisor or IT guru to attend to their various business needs. They’re the experts after all and save you from having to create that advertising campaign, resolve that curly tax issue or figure out how to sync your emails with the cloud. Yet, when it comes to creating written business content – think blogs, white papers, website copy, award entries, tender submissions, capability statements, the list goes on – some business owners consider professional copywriting services to be an extravagance.

It’s odd, really. Because when you think about it, an expert copywriter is just as essential for a business as any other professional. If your time is precious and writing isn’t your forté – and why should it be; you’re a specialist medical recruiter, for example – then it makes perfect sense to engage professional copywriting services to create a whole range of business communications that support your business and promote your brand.

Consider the following ways in which professional copywriting services from Proof Communications can help you save time, energy and frustration by shouldering the writing burden for you.

1. Tender writing

The great thing about hiring a professional copywriter to create your tender submission is that we have almost 25 years’ experience of tender writing behind us. Tender documentation – particularly if for a government tender – can be notoriously difficult to decipher. There’s so much to wade through, where do you even begin?

Relax. Our team of tender writers has more than a thousand successful competitive tenders, bids and proposals; there’s no tender scenario we haven’t seen. With our help, your tender bid will stand out from the crowd. That’s because it’s the expert tender writer’s job to:

Rapidly understand your business and the competition.

Work closely with you and your team, frequently dealing with different people across your business, to extract the information needed for the various response sections.

Develop your value proposition. They’ll work with you to find the best way to demonstrate that your business really is the ideal candidate for the contract.

Write your response. Tender writers produce content that exactly answers the criteria for each part of the evaluation. They’ll stick to word counts and make every word count.

Ensure compliance. It doesn’t matter how good your value proposition may be, if you fail to meet any one of the specifications of the request for tender, your submission will go straight on the reject pile.

Manage timelines. If you don’t have a tender manager, our tender writer will create a timetable that sets out who does what and when it’s needed by to get your bid submitted in good time. Proof Communications has never missed a deadline.

Make your bid look like the business. If necessary, we will coordinate with graphic designers to give your document a slick, professional look to help present your submission in the best possible light.

Quality assurance. Your tender writer will undertake a rigorous final check of your bid to ensure that it’s free of errors, meets all the evaluation criteria, and includes all the attachments that it should.

2. Award writing

Winning a business award – even simply making it to the finals – really is something to shout about. Whether the award is about you or your business, success in such hotly contested industry arenas is a powerful statement that your star is in the ascendant. Not only is that good for business, it’s a fabulous boost for your personal and professional brand profile.

But there’s a special skill set needed to write winning award entries, and the team at Proof Communications has it in spades. Of all the award entries we write, some 95% are named as finalists and of those, 73% go on to win. That’s a pretty impressive track record, so what’s our secret?

First up, we recognise that despite their obvious business acumen and success, most people find it hard to articulate their achievements within the very rigorous guidelines that apply to a business award. Not only might a question have highly specific criteria that must be met, it will also come with a (frequently very challenging) word count limit.

That’s where our professional copywriting expertise comes in.

How can a professional award writer assist?

Just like writing a tender submission, writing an award submission can be challenging. A professional award writer will help you by:

Fully understanding the award requirements. They’ll go over every bit of the award guidelines with a fine-tooth comb to ensure they are completely au fait with what’s required. For example, the applicable time period for success metrics or a requirement to write in third person.

Working closely with you to identify the best evidence to nail the criteria for each question. You may have many examples of success but not all will suit. In your interview, your award writer will drill down to identify what material is the best fit.

Telling a story. Award wins don’t come by simply listing a set of facts. Our expert award writers know how to weave business achievement with the human element behind the success, creating compelling award submissions that make judges keen to keep reading your entry.

Knowing how to make very word count. One of the biggest challenges for award entrants writing their own submission is how to say all they want to say without straying over those pesky word limits. A Proof Communications award writer knows how to get maximum mileage out of every single syllable.

Taking on board your edits. Once you’ve reviewed the draft, our expert writer will amend your entry to incorporate any edits or include additional information whilst still remaining within the word count.

Conduct a final proofread. Vitally important, this last step will ensure that your award entry is polished and error-free.

3. Tender and award reviews

If you’re keen to be involved in the writing process yourself, that’s great. Our professional copywriters work with many clients who take time to make a first draft of their tender bid or award submission (in a Word document) before asking for a review from one of Proof Communications’ team of expert writers.

Our review process for both tenders and awards follows similar lines and includes:

  • A thorough critique of the whole draft, using Track Changes
  • Suggestions where content could be improved, repositioned or removed
  • Flagging up of any ambiguities, inconsistencies or vagueness of content
  • Cross checking against criteria. Have your responses clearly addressed everything the assessment panel or judges are looking for?
  • For tenders, ensuring that your value proposition is clear and that your response is aimed at how the potential client will benefit from awarding you the contract
  • For awards, ensuring that you provide compelling evidence of why you should be considered a worthy winner
  • Checking that your draft is compliant in every aspect.

Once you have taken on board our suggestions and your award entry or tender response is complete, you can also request that one of our team of expert copywriters conducts a thorough proofread for you.

4. Professional copywriting services

There are so many ways that a business needs to communicate with its existing clients, potential clients and the general public. A professional copywriter from Proof Communications can assist with many of these, including the expert creation and editing of:

Capability statements. A 6-8 page document that showcases what your business is able to do and deliver. Our professional copywriter will write clearly and concisely, outlining key elements such as your unique selling point, your core competencies, past performance and industry differentiators.

Website copy. Many is the website languishing in internet obscurity through lack of up to date material, effective SEO, and informative but dull content. A professional copywriter can conduct a complete wording refresh to make content interesting and engaging, aimed at the benefits to the reader of dealing with your business.

Blogs. Keeping your readership informed on a regular basis can be very time consuming. And what should your next topic be? The team at Proof Communications can create interesting blogs of any length on any topic.

Promotional materials. Whether content for a landing page, email newsletter, promotional advertising or marketing material, our professional copywriters will get your message across in ways that will connect with your target audience.

LinkedIn profiles. If you’re in the market for a new job, then allow us to help you make sure to make a strong first impression and attract maximum attention from recruiters by creating a LinkedIn profile that emphasises your key strengths and skills in a polished, professional manner.

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