Win a Real Estate Business Award in 2023!

Right now, the Real Estate Business Awards 2023 are open for entries. As the organisers of the Real Estate Business Awards say, it’s your time to shine.

To be successful in the REB Awards, you of course need to enter! There’s lots of great information about this on the REB Awards website.

Entering a business award of course means writing an award entry. Here’s everything you need to know about writing a successful award entry.

What is the purpose of the Real Estate Business Awards 2023?

The REB Awards are an important part of the Australian real estate industry’s host of business awards for real estate practitioners, real estate practices, buyers agents, rental agencies and auctioneers.

The prestigious REB Awards recognise Australia’s leading real estate professionals and businesses that operate in the real estate industry.

The REB Awards have a range of entry categories, so whatever your agency type (real estate, rental, buyers agency, auctioneer), size, age and location, there’s a category for your business.

For 2023, the REB Awards, now in their 11th year, are bigger than ever. The REB Awards 2023 categories comprise:

  • 20 categories for individuals to enter
  • 9 categories for groups to enter
  • 5 categories for corporates to enter

Why should you enter the Real Estate Business Awards 2023?

Becoming a finalist or even the winner of your category (or categories!) is a significant accolade that’s to be applauded. Being shortlisted or winning your category adds prestige to your business and rewards staff for their effort in growing the business. Plus there’s the excitement and glamour of the awards night, which is always a gala event. The REB Awards 2023 gala evening will be held at The Star in Sydney on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Succeeding in the REB Awards positions your business for future success. It’s public recognition for your achievements and for the hard work you put into supporting your clients on their real estate journeys. It’s important too for building personal brands and for business branding.

How can you win a Real Estate Business Award in 2023?

There are a few tricks to positioning your business for winning a real estate business award.

1. Keep a note of milestones and successes over during the year

It’s not just the number of or the value of sales that are important for an award entry; the judges of the Real Estate Business Awards 2023 are looking for well-rounded businesses.

Include brief case studies in your award entry to demonstrate what you’ve been up to during the year and the outcomes of your initiatives.

For example, you can demonstrate the breadth of your business by noting down when you’ve gone beyond the call of duty to help a client, for example.

Likewise, judges want to know about your contributions to your local community; they want to know how you develop your team. Initiatives such as training programs for staff, introduction of a new tailor-made IT system, mentoring of new starters, launch of a new branch, fundraising for a local charity: these are all evidence for your business’ commitment to growth and the development of your team.

2. Use facts and figures to demonstrate your successes

Don’t make bland statements about how great your business is; present data such as percentage increases or client testimonials to illustrate your achievements.

3. Write in the first person

Use ‘I’ and ‘We’ to personalise your award entry. After all, you are writing about your business or yourself.

4. Give yourself enough time

Whichever real estate industry awards you’re entering – REB Awards, REIA National Awards for Excellence, the AREAs, REB Women in Real Estate Awards, or state-based awards – give yourself sufficient time to write your entry, and include time to edit and proofread your award submission.

5. Don’t assume the judges know you or your business

Writing a business award entry means writing for someone who doesn’t know you, your business or what you do.

Are there other real estate industry awards that you can enter?

Yes, there are lots of opportunities for recognition.

As well as the Real Estate Business Awards (REB Awards), there are state-based real estate business awards, such as the REINSW Awards, REIV Awards and the REIQ Awards, plus the REIA National Awards for Excellence (Real Estate Institute of Australia) and the AREAs (Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards), as well as the REB Women in Real Estate Awards (Real Estate Business).

Use professional award writers with a track record of real estate industry awards success

It’s useful to know that you can give yourself more time by using the expert business award writers at Proof Communications.

We help businesspeople and businesses across Australia to become award-winners. Over 95% of our clients are shortlisted for their awards and more than 85% go on to win.

We’ve written successful business award entries for winners of the Real Estate Business Awards (REB Awards), REINSW Awards, REIQ Awards, REIV Awards and national awards including the REIA National Awards for Excellence (Real Estate Institute of Australia) the AREAs (Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards), as well as the REB Women in Real Estate Awards (Real Estate Business).

How can we help you?

Winning business awards is about making sure you are running a strong business. Proving this is all to do with writing business award entries that make a massive impact.

If you are looking for extra help in crafting an outstanding real estate business awards submission, our award writers are here to help. Contact us or ring us on 02 8036 5532 or 0448 566 377.

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