The Strata Community Awards for Excellence

The Strata Community Awards for Excellence, also known as the Strata Community Excellence Awards and as the Strata Community CHU Awards for Excellence open in each state at different times of the year.

Right now, the Queensland Strata Community Awards for Excellence and the Strata Community Excellence Awards SA/NT in South Australia and the Northern Territory are open to entrants.

This highly prestigious industry awards are the strata management community’s opportunity to collaboratively recognise, celebrate and promote its highest-achieving professionals and companies. As the SCA says, the Awards acknowledge those in its sector at all levels who excel in their role and contribute significantly to the strata industry.

The Strata Community Awards for Excellence celebrate the achievements of strata management businesses and strata management professionals for their high standard of business management and client service. The SCA Awards recognise the hard work of individuals and businesses to the reputation of the strata management industry. They reward ethical practices, customer service excellence, innovation, commitment, growth and professionalism.

Entering a business award such as the Strata Community Awards for Excellence can take time and commitment. Enthusiastic business owners often seek professional award writers to assist, which is where Proof Communications can assist you.

Why enter the Strata Community Awards for Excellence?


Entering the Strata Community Awards for Excellence gives pause for reflection. Business owners and managers are so bound up in the day to day running of their businesses that time to look back at what they and their team have achieved over the past year and where the business is heading is usually at the bottom of the to-do list.

Entering a business award gives time to think about their effort and achievements. It helps business owners and team members to review their performance: What went well? What not so well? What would they do differently next time? What improvements have they introduced to their business or to their customer relationships? What hurdles have they experienced?

Marketing opportunities

Many strata management companies make a very deliberate decision to enter the Strata Community Awards for Excellence as part of their marketing strategy. They recognise that becoming a finalist or winner is a cost effective way to promote their businesses.

Award finalists and winners alike are able to use the awards logo on their email signature and promotional materials. Becoming a finalist or winning gives you something very solid to talk about on your website, in your e-newsletters, in social posts and blogs, in proposals, and on banners outside your business premises.

Winning an SCA Award is also a talking point with client and potential clients, too. It adds valuable credibility to your business.

The key is to make the most of your award success. You have a whole year to leverage your role as a winner or as a finalist before the next group of finalists is announced, so take every opportunity to share great news.

Becoming a finalist or a winner in the Strata Community Awards for Excellence in particular means that:

  • You have the opportunity to promote their success to clients, the general public and business associates in your proposals, website, social media.
  • You gain recognition by your peers.
  • You can piggyback from publicity through the SCA.
  • You can use an Award winner and finalist logo provided by SCA on your email signature and marketing materials.

Team bonding

Receiving an invitation to your state’s Strata Community CHU Awards for Excellence gala black tie awards evening is a great morale booster for any strata management team. The opportunity to attend together to share the fun and excitement is a fabulous experience. As well as the fun aspect, there is the shared experience of waiting for the award winner to be announced.

As well, being a finalist – or the winner – is attractive to potential employees. As a business award finalist or winner, you’re showing that your company is a leading business; it’s recognition that you’re one of the top strata management players in your state. Your award success is something you can share in job ads when recruiting new staff, for example. It’s also recognition of your business by your peers or in your region.

The Strata Community Awards for Excellence have many different categories, and you can enter more than one. This means that entering gives you a number of opportunities to build team morale and give recognition to your staff for their hard work and achievements.

For example:

Individual Awards

  • Essay
  • Support team member
  • Strata Community Manager Rising Star
  • Strata Community Manager
  • Senior Strata Community Manager

Project Award

  • Strata Community Environmental & Engagement

Business Awards

  • Strata Community Management Small Business
  • Strata Community Medium Business
  • Strata Community Large Business
  • Strata Services Businesses (for suppliers)
  • Excellence in Innovation


Attending the Strata Community CHU Awards for Excellence gala awards evenings is an opportunity to meet other strata management professionals in your state. You may also get to meet the judges, who are often experts in strata management or have a particular field of expertise, such as marketing or accounting. Connecting with experts and arranging to meet at a later date is good for personal and business growth. All up, gala evenings open the door to endless possibilities. The social atmosphere also makes people more open to networking and connections.

Networking also enables you to meet, or to identify, your competitors at close quarters.

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