The Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards are open right now!

Are you an entrepreneur born in 1984 or later?

It’s time to enter the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards.

The Young Entrepreneur Awards are a celebration of the drive and enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs right across Australia. The awards purposely focus on young entrepreneurs to recognise and reward their efforts and determination in building businesses that are sustainable for the long term, that employ staff and contractors, and that add value to their communities.

The Young Entrepreneur Awards are very much about inspiring and encouraging young people to pursue their dreams. Winning or even being shortlisted is a great boost for any entrepreneurial business – winners’ stories are published on the Business News Australia news site. Success brings recognition, builds awareness of you and your business and opens up opportunities to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s a good way to meet potential investors, partners, mentors or collaborators, too.

Are you eligible to enter?

As long as you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident who’s founded a business in Australia and are aged between 18 and 39 years, you can enter.

How do you enter?

It’s super easy to enter. You complete an online nomination form on the Young Entrepreneur Awards website.

What’s the closing date for entries?

There’s not long so don’t wait – closing date is July 31, 2023.

It’s best to get started as soon as possible. Writing an award entry always takes longer than you think it will!

What are the categories?

There are 20 categories and you can enter more than one.

All finalists are automatically entered into the Trailblazer Award and the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Even better, every entrant will be considered for inclusion in Business News Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs list, too.

The categories include emerging businesses, and businesses in social, tech, finance, fashion, art & culture, food & beverage, legal, retail and services, export, hospitality & tourism, property & construction, health & medicine, creative, and professional services.

These are just a few of the categories. For the full list, check out the awards website – link below.

What if your business is in start-up phase?

Start-ups can enter too. Even if you’ve not yet got a full year’s financials, as long as you can show growth potential you can still enter. If you’re in the first year of business, you can provide your draft profit and loss statement.

Your information is kept confidential.

How are award winners chosen?

An experienced panel of judges evaluate all entrants. A number of selection criteria are assessed: financial performance, innovation, community impact, vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

For financial performance for example, the judges want to know how viable your business model will be – will your business go the distance? Where is it positioned in the business maturity pipeline? Are you making money? Is there potential for growth? How will you achieve this?

Your spirit of entrepreneurship is also vitally important to the judges. Do you have a vision? How are you turning the vision into practical reality? How are you doing this? Where do you see the business going? How do persevere through hard times? How do you manage challenging situations? How do you motivate your team?

And your community? What are you doing to build Australia’s economy? Are you employing people or hiring contractors? Are you giving back in other ways?

What happens after I submit my entry?

If you’re selected as a finalist, the award organisers will be in touch. You’ll be invited to the gala evening where all the winners are announced.

The gala evening is where all the finalists and their colleagues and families get together for a fun evening of networking and celebrating.

How can I find out more?

Visit the Young Entrepreneur Awards’ website or email at

How can you win an Australian Young Entrepreneur Award?

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