Are blog writing services worth it?

In a nutshell, yes.

Copywriting well-written and informative blogs are a great way to build authority, connect with your audience and client base, grow your brand awareness and increase sales. Good blog writers help you to attract new organic traffic and qualified leads and maximise your communication channels.

Plus, SEO-rich blogs and articles are very versatile – use them on your website, in eDMs and newsletters and post on social media. You can get a lot of leverage from just a single blog or article.

Here are a few more reasons why blog writing services are a great investment:

  • SEO-rich blog writing increases your online presence
  • Blog writing services can create sales opportunities by encouraging return visitors to your website, ready for you to turn enquiries into hot leads
  • Blog writing means you get to sound like an authority on your subject – because you are!
  • Blogs work for you 24 hours a day.

Blog writing is time well spent

Like all good things, professional copywriting of a blog takes time, skill and experience. This is often overlooked by businesses, which think that a great SEO-focused blog can be put together in no time.

You might ask then, with the time involved in writing blogs – are they worth it?

The answer depends on the nature of your business and your business development strategy. If engaging with clients and prospective clients by sharing your opinions, knowledge, expertise or advice is important to your business development, then blogs are a great way to go.

Things to consider when copywriting blogs are:

  • Blogs need to be about something! Thinking of topics can be time consuming. Here are some tips for blog content ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Depending on the subject matter you may also need to do some online research.
  • Blog writing needs to be regular. Uploading blogs regularly lets Google know that your website is ‘alive’. How often you do this Is a matter of personal preference and business strategy. The most important thing is consistency.
  • Blogs need to have sufficient content. 800-1000 words in length is ideal, which is about 2 A4 pages. Include hyperlinks to different pages on your website.
  • Blogs need to incorporate your business’ SEO keywords in a way that doesn’t impact the flow of the content.
  • The quality of the blog writing must reflect the quality of your business. Blogs with typos and errors look sloppy and won’t present your business in the best light.

What to look for in a blog writer

Even if you’re a competent writer you may not have the time or inclination to write your own blogs. Or perhaps you have the time but not the required blog writing experience. That’s where a good blog writer comes in.

The upside of using a professional blog writer that’s based in your own country is that your blog will be right first time. You’ll have the assurance that comes with a professional blog writing business that uses Australian onshore writers with enormous copywriting experience.

Blog writers offer different fee options for writing a blog. They may offer a fee per blog or article. Or, if you have a fixed number of blogs to be written each month, they may work on a monthly retainer.

How much work the blog writers needs to do to produce great blogs for you depends on how you prefer to work. Generally, there are three options:

  1. Full service option:Your blog writer will do all blog or article planning and writing for you. Give them your SEO key words for your blogs or articles and they’ll develop the topics, do the research including interviewing you or your team if needed, and write the content.
  2. You tell the blog writer what you want the blog to be about:With this option, you tell the blog writer the topic for each blog or article and your SEO key words and they’ll do the research including interviewing you or your team if needed, and write the content.
  3. You give the blog writer your notes or bullet points and SEO key words:They’ll use these to write the blog or article. There’s no research or interview needed by the writer with this option.

If you don’t know the SEO key words you need to include in your blogs or articles, your blog copywriter will do the research for you.

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