5 ways blog writing services can help grow your business

Creating a strong online presence is essential for any business to grow and succeed nowadays. And blog writing is a fantastic means of building business growth. Blogs are a cost effective way to communicate your ideas and expertise and to showcase how your products or services get results for your target clients or customers.

But how specifically can blog writing services help grow your business? Our blog writers share the 5 key ways in which writing blogs is a win-win, whatever your type of business.

1. Increasing your website traffic

One of the primary benefits of writing blogs is to drive traffic to your company’s website. Blog writing is a great way to optimise your website for search engines. When you incorporate search engine key words into your blogs, they can lead to higher search engine rankings and increased visibility. And more visibility means more visitors to your website, thereby attracting potential customers.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website content discoverable by search engines like Google. When your blog writing services incorporate the key words that people usually use to search for your product or service, your blogs (and website) are more likely to rank in the search engine.

For example, if your company sells skincare products, you can write blog posts that target keywords for your target customers: “anti-aging cream”, “less wrinkles and fine lines”, “skincare routine”, “best skincare product”, or “how to look younger”. By including these keywords in your blog posts, your company can increase the likelihood of its website appearing on the first page of Google search results for those keywords. This increased visibility can drive more traffic to the website, which can ultimately lead to more sales.

By way of another example, a company that sells eco-friendly products can write blog posts about sustainable living, green cleaning tips, or the benefits of using eco-friendly products. By creating content that aligns with their target audience’s interests, the company can attract visitors to their website who are passionate about sustainability and looking for eco-friendly solutions.

Another way to improve your website’s SEO is to use internal linking strategies in your blogs. Doing this can help to improve the visibility of your website’s pages and improve overall SEO. Internal linking strategies simply means inserting hyperlinks into your blog posts to direct readers to a particular page on your company’s website. This can help your website to gain more traction by driving even more traffic to the website and improve its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Blog writing also provides an opportunity to share your content to a wider audience. Posting your blogs posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help to attract even more visitors to your company’s website.

What all good blog writers know is that blogs need to engage your readers and attract potential customers. If you’re new to blog writing, here are our hacks for blog writing beginners.

2. Building a list and leads

Once a visitor lands on your website from a blog, you can prompt them to provide their contact information in exchange for a valuable resource, such as an e-book, a free consultation, or a newsletter subscription. This exchange of information allows you to capture potential leads and nurture them over time, ultimately leading to more sales.

3. Establishing your authority as an expert

Writing blogs that share your expertise, experience and knowledge is an effective way to establish yourself or your business as the industry expert. By providing valuable and insightful content, you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your respective industry. This helps to build trust and credibility with your potential customers. They are more likely to do business with a company that is perceived as an authority in their industry.

Furthermore, by regularly producing high-quality blog content, you can create a loyal following of readers who look to you for guidance and advice. This can foster a sense of community and further strengthen your reputation as a thought leader.

For example, a company that provides accounting services can write blog posts that offer tax tips for small businesses or insights into the latest changes to tax laws. By doing so, the company can position itself as a trusted authority in the accounting industry and attract potential customers who are looking for reliable advice.

Establishing thought leadership can also help a company to build relationships with other influencers in their industry. By collaborating with other experts and sharing their content, companies can create valuable partnerships that can help them to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

4. Building relationships with customers

Blogging can help you to build stronger relationships with your customers. By providing informative and helpful content in your blogs, you can show your potential customers that you care about their needs and are committed to providing them with the best possible experience.

Blog writing can also provide insights into your customers’ needs and preferences. Blogs provide a platform for customers to engage with your company and to provide feedback or to ask questions. By analysing the comments and engagement on their blog posts, companies can gain a better understanding of what their customers are looking for and how they can better serve their needs.

And by responding to potential customers’ comments, your blogs can demonstrate that just how much you value their input and are committed to taking their feedback on board to improve customer service or introduce new products or services.

5. Cost-effective marketing

Using blog writing services is a cost-effective way to market your products or services. Unlike traditional advertising, such as press, TV or radio commercials, writing a blog is cost effective, quick and has a highly measurable return on investment. All you need is a website and a willingness to create high-quality blog content.

An important feature of writing blogs is that you can measure the number of readers of the blog and the links they clicked on. You can easily see which blogs are more appealing than others. Then, you can immediately use this insight to write similar blogs or use similar headlines.

According to HubSpot, companies that post blogs generate 55% more website visitors and 97% more inbound links than those that do not blog. Getting more traffic to your website can result in increased brand exposure and lead generation, which can ultimately lead to more sales and revenue for the company.

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