Words to avoid in your B2B writing

Here are some suggestions for words to avoid in in your B2B writing.

Personal judgement words. It’s common to see a business describe itself as the’ best’ or as the ‘leading’ in its field. Unless, you have independent evidence to prove your business really is the best, avoid judgement words.

For example, it’s just not credible to say: “We are the leading law firm…”

It is better to say: “Five of Australia’s top 10 listed businesses choose our legal advice.”


To be and similar verbs – is, are, was, had, has, have etc

We can often cut out variation of the verb ‘to be’ and replace with a stronger, more action-oriented words.

For instance, instead of: “Our company has five customer consultants…”

It is more powerful to say: “Our company offers you help from five customer consultants…”

Or instead of: “Our law firm has 50 lawyers.”

Try: “You gain access to the experience of our 50 lawyers.”

Or instead of: “We are replacing our IT system later this year with the latest technology.”

Try: “Our new IT system launches in October.” (You don’t need to say ‘latest technology’ as everyone will assume that’s what you’ve bought.)


Avoid negatives, such as ‘not’ and ‘no’. Turn your sentences into positives.

For example: “You will not be charged for every phone call.”

Try: “Every phone call is free.”

Or: “Ring for advice at any time. Every call is free.”

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