Why newsletters are good for business

There are heaps of good reasons why you should consider using e-newsletters as a way of staying in contact with your clients and keeping business bubbling along.


Regular newsletters remind your customer that you exist. They’re a simple way to keep your name at the front of your clients’ mind. However frequently you send them, be consistent in your timing.

Strengthen your brand

When your newsletter carries your business name, logo and colours, it works to promote and strengthen your brand. As your business grows in size, so too will brand awareness; your name will become easily recognisable and associated with your industry.

Keep the conversation going

Newsletters provide continually open lines of communication with customers old, new and potential. They’re the ideal space in which to tell your audience about what’s happening in your world, such as the introduction of new products and services, important dates for industry events, key staff changes, and more.

You’re the expert

Has a new regulation or law made a big difference to your business? Then it’s doubtless affecting your customers in some way. Newsletters are the ideal forum to extol the benefits of the changes or discuss how to continue to work well within new guidelines. Clearly and confidently setting out the pros and cons of any change is a great way of establishing your business as the ‘go to’ place for advice and assistance.

It pays to advertise

Your newsletter is low-cost way of marketing your services and will help bring sales your way. Make sure you insert links to make it easy for your readers to share it with others via social media.

Industry advocate

Newsletters can work wonders in terms of positioning your business as an active supporter of your industry. They’re also a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your sector when entering awards or tendering for contracts. Visible industry involvement is always a good thing.

Simple and quick

Content for your newsletter doesn’t need to be in-depth, but it does pay to write it in a conversational tone that makes reading easy. A well-labelled image or graphic can also help break up content and make it more visually appealing.  And with so many marketing automation platforms now available, it’s easy to pre-schedule their mail-out to your data base.

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