Strong capability statements work in more ways than one

A capability statement is a versatile thing. It lets everyone know who you are and what you can do for them. But if you’re only using it externally, then you’re not using it to its full potential because a capability statement can be used in lots of ways for your own business, too.

Induction tool

A capability statement is an ideal way to introduce new employees to the depth and breadth of your company and will help to give them confidence they’ve made the right decision in joining the team. It can also act as the basis for a training session or presentation.

Sales aid

It’s also an excellent sales tool for dealing with customer enquiries, vendors and professional organisations. Your field sales team can easily attach a business card to its cover and utilise it as a leave-behind brochure, too.

Contract to the contractor

Wherever your business sits in the supply chain, there are often many opportunities to work with larger companies who’ve won big tenders and need to sub-contract. Your professional-standard capability statement will help make you stand out from the rest.

Make sure it includes details of past successful partnerships and projects, whether you’ve worked with government departments, what accreditation you may have, association memberships and the dollar value of other contracts you’ve won.

You can bank on it

Every business is always looking for a better interest rate or more flexible loan and, when the time comes to approach your bank, a well put together, professionally produced capability statement is an impressive document to have in your arsenal. That’s because it tells the bank more about your business and gives a good overview of your structure, abilities, market share and growth potential.

Remember that potential lenders are looking for reliability and stability and your capability statement will help put them in the picture because it outlines more than just your financial position; it tells them your history and your future plans.

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