Prepare for Victory: How to write Winning Government Tenders

There are two areas in which SMEs tend to fall down when it comes to tendering for a government contract. The good news is, they’re readily fixable.

Capability statement

These are increasingly being asked for as one of the standard requirements for government projects at all levels. This valuable document needs to encapsulate five key areas about your business.

Core competencies – Short statements relating your company’s key skills to the specific needs of the government tender. This is not the place to list everything that your business can do, but it should outline the core expertise your business can bring to the project.

Past performance – Name past customers for whom you have completed similar work, with a brief description of the project size and cost. Include specific names, titles and contact information for immediate references.

Differentiators – It’s important to give clear value statements of what makes you different from your competitors. Why are your people better? Why are your products the ideal solution? Relate back to the needs of the government project to help procurement teams understand why they should choose to work with you.

Company data – A brief description of your business, outlining any pertinent history details. Include the size of your business, annual turnover, number of employees and what geographical area you serve. State industry codes your business conforms to and what management systems for safety and environment you have in place.

Contact information­ – Business address and contact details, including key personnel.


Update and refine your company website. You could damage your chance of success if your online presence doesn’t reflect the company image you’re trying to convey in your submission. Your website is the first place project teams will go to check you out, so make sure it looks professional and sharp. They will also be looking at your company Facebook and LinkedIn pages, so content here must be appropriate.

If you haven’t got a website, then you need one! It will be difficult for your bid to be taken seriously if you don’t.

Above all, capability statements and websites need to look and sound professional, so invest in the services of a copy writer and web designer to present your business in the best possible light. It will increase your chances of winning and benefit your business in the long term, too.

Check out our short video on top tips for winning government tenders 

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