Make video marketing work for your business

Look at forecasts for marketing trends for the next twelve months and it’s a safe bet that video content is in the top five.

Tim Asimos from Circle S Studio sums up video’s success: “Video – done well – is engaging and generates ROI, with four times as many consumers preferring digestible video content over text.” Asimos believes that the increasing number of live streaming tools is a huge boon for forward thinking marketers, opening up “virtually endless possibilities for showcasing live events, product demos, Q&A panels, behind-the-scenes tours and more.”

Chris Trimble, writing in The Guardian, agrees. He maintains that “businesses who fail to include video in their internet and marketing strategies do so at their peril.” He backs up his predictions by quoting Axxon Research, revealing that seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting their video content.

If you’re only just cottoning on to the possibilities that video as a marketing tool offers, here are five ways to get started, courtesy of regular Forbes contributor, AJ Agrawal.

  1. Make best use of your landing page. Most small businesses invest in some form of online advertising that will direct viewers to a landing page. Research shows that videos implanted here can increase conversion rates by up to a whopping 80%. A word of caution: don’t set the video to play automatically; customers don’t respond well to immediate bombardment.
  2. Be mobile device friendly. With almost half of internet users now jumping online via their smartphones, it makes sense to use video rather than a long-winded piece of text. Your message can get across in double quick time and will appeal to an even greater range of people.
  3. Actions speak louder than words. Static shots of products are just that: static. A video showing how your product or service is used can be a real winner. It can also readily answer many immediate questions for your customer, saving you both a phone call.
  4. Get really connected with your customers. Interactive videos are a great way to get real customer engagement. How about live streaming of an event or your product in action? What about a brief introduction to your service followed by a live Q&A session?
  5. Build momentum. No one expects a business to launch new products or services every day, so a “teaser” video is ideal for building anticipation between releases. Even just a few seconds of film is a fantastic way to grab attention.

AJ’s final piece of advice is not to over-rely on the magic of video. It’s best used in a mix with other forms of marketing to keep your message fresh and your customers interested.

When it comes to reach, there really is nothing like video to get your message out there. Facebook and YouTube videos alone rack up billions of views every day. And it’s not just millennials who are tuning in. Consumers of all ages are spending significant and increasing amounts of time looking at online content, so it’s time your own business got on board. Lights, camera, action!

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