Is it worth hiring an award writer?

The boost that comes from winning a business accolade – be it a major national competition or a smaller local or industry award – can be enormously beneficial to you, your employees, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Your clients love it when you win because it vindicates their decision to choose your product or service. And potential clients are far more likely to become bona fide customers once your bright and shiny award win is unashamedly shouted about on your website and social media platforms.

Being named as a finalist is no mean feat either and is still cause for celebration. When the award is a particularly hotly contested one, including that “Finalist” emblem on your email signature works wonders in helping raise your company profile.

However, even if you don’t make it through to the final selection, there are still real business benefits to be gained simply by entering. These come from the fairly rigorous self-assessment you’ll need to undertake for your submission. The opportunity to look closely at where your business has come from and evaluate where it is now can be incredibly motivating for you and your team. Equally, it may also act as a much needed wake-up call.

So, if entering an award has so many potential benefits, what stops you from doing so? Well, it’s probably a fair bet that there are three factors holding you back: time and effort, for starters. For many business owners, channelling sufficient time and resources into building a first-class award entry means taking focus away from working on your core business – and that can be difficult to justify or organise without making a negative impact.

And that third factor? It’s skill. Crafting an award-winning entry is a real art and, whilst many businesses have a success story worthy of note, not everyone can write well enough to win. After gathering factual input from you, a professional award writer will create an entry which meets all specific criteria whilst building a strong narrative at the same time. A successful entry can’t just present facts; it must do so in ways which paint a vivid and compelling picture of your achievements.

Your chances of winning that all-important award improve dramatically when you opt to collaborate with a professional writer. Not only that, you can use written award content again and again in other areas of your business, such as on your website, in your marketing materials, capability statements and so much more. Potential wins all round!

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