How to make your content a winner

Sometimes in trying to outdo competitors, companies can try too hard in their writing and miss the mark completely. Convoluted language and over the top descriptions can very easily become literary junk – words that serve no purpose except to fill a page.

For example, stating your company will provide ‘innovative human resource solutions’ makes the mind boggle! As a reader you wonder what on earth this means, and this makes it harder to connect with the company and their offer. Telling it straight: ‘we find the right person for the job’, does what it needs to do simply and cleanly. Remember, good writing is always about clear communication.

Beware of buzzwords

Similarly, on trend buzzwords and phrases can be misleading and date sales and marketing content, creating a need for regular content review. Consider whether copy maintenance is time well spent for your business and, if not, write in plain English – this will never go out of fashion!

Avoid filler content

Studies by user-experience consultancy Nielsen Gorman Group found that too much content is a big turn-off for web users. People want plainly stated facts and if they can’t find them quickly, they leave a website in a hurry.

Too many facts that are off the topic confuse the offer and irritate the reader. Bulking up content with irrelevant detail loses potential customers who don’t have the time or inclination to wade through it all. You can keep readers’ attention by using relevant facts, simply stated. Or by providing straightforward value-add information relating to your product or service, such as proven outcomes or alternative uses of a product.

Be concise and give readers what they want to know; your content will be a winner.

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