Telstra Business Women’s Award: winning tips from a Telstra Business Award winner

The announcement of Artlivemedia as winners of the prestigious 2016 Telstra New Business Award (Victoria) is glowing testament to this dynamic digital agency’s runaway success after a mere 18 months in operation.

Founder and CEO Michelle Bourke believes that recognising when you need to bring in the professionals was a major contributing factor in creating a winning award entry.

“When you’re writing about your own company, it can be difficult to gain perspective. I had the internal knowledge, but to have another professional with a different perspective look over what I’d put together was really invaluable – making an investment in this was a very important business decision.

“I worked with a member of Proof Communications who had personal experience with winning an award, so she had insights into the process that I couldn’t have gained from anyone else. By asking ‘What would winning this award really mean to you?’, she helped me give far greater thought to the broader implications of what winning would mean, not just for my own business but as an inspiration for other businesses doing the same.”

But it’s about more than just words, according to Michelle. “It’s about taking a really strategic approach and recognising everything has its own specialty. Proof Communications had the expertise we needed and choosing them meant I was working with someone who took a very genuine and personal interest in seeing Artlivemedia win; she was like my personal awards mentor, giving me great practical advice which made all the organisation around the award really easy. When we became finalists, she took the time to take a call from me and discuss in depth the best approach to all Telstra’s questions. We simply didn’t have access to a resource like that before.”

Michelle sums up her feelings on choosing the right provider. “You have to be genuinely passionate about someone’s journey, no matter what you do. There’s nothing worse than working with a provider who simply doesn’t care; who doesn’t really get what your business is about. An authentic interest only comes from working with those who have passion – and Proof Communications has got that. In spades.”

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