Make your business award entry stand out: The value of a professional review

When you consider that your business award entry is just one of perhaps hundreds that the judges are assessing, you undoubtedly want to make sure that your entry stands out for the right reasons.

Once you’ve drafted your entry, having a professional business award writer give it a thorough once-over ahead of the submission deadline will help to put your entry ahead in the running for that all-important win.

Here’s how:

1. It’s an opportunity for objective analysis

A professional review of a draft business award entry is more than an editing exercise; it’s a strategic step towards ensuring your entry’s effectiveness and success. The feedback from a professional review is a learning opportunity, helping businesses understand how to present themselves effectively in future award entry submissions. Very simply, a review not only enhances the quality of the submission but also contributes to the overall growth and development of your business’s approach to awards and recognition.

This is because a professional award writer brings an objective view to your draft entry. Their review identifies whether your submission is communicating your key messages effectively and in alignment with the award entry questions and assessment criteria.

For example, an award entry review will pinpoint whether your most impactful achievements are being fully presented, or recommend that you provide more detail to ensure that your submission showcases your strengths and achievements in the best possible way.

As a result, a professionally-reviewed award submission is more likely to impress judges, thereby increasing your likelihood of becoming a finalist.

2. You’ll be confident that your award entry has impact

The beauty of investing in an award review is that you’ll have excellent content that you can use again and again. Of course, every award is different, but your achievements for the previous year remain the same.

An award writer’s expertise in storytelling and persuasive writing transforms a good draft into a compelling submission. They excel in refining language and enhancing clarity and will make suggestions and edits to ensure that the content is engaging. Simply put, their expert input can make the difference between a good entry and an award-winning one.

For example, they’ll:

  • Make useful suggestions for additional content, stronger evidence or better examples to support your claims
  • Use Track Changes to edit your answers to improve clarity, focus and readability
  • Revise content to remove ‘filler’ wording and make best use of available word counts to create an engaging narrative
  • Ensure each response remains within the word count limits
  • Proofread your entry so that it’s error-free and grammatically correct.

3. You’ll be certain that your entry complies with the entry criteria

Understanding and adhering to the award submission entry criteria is crucial. A fully comprehensive review of your draft business award entry assesses how well your submission meets the award requirements.

A professional reviewer will check that your entry meets all requirements so that you avoid disqualification for technical reasons. They’ll cross-check that your entry is compliant and that your responses meet overall award and individual question criteria including the word count limits.

How can Award Writers’ help you?

Delegating the review process to a professional gives you and your team more time to take care of your core business activities. This efficient use of resources ensures that both the submission and your business receive the right amount of attention.

Award Writers’ professional business award writers are passionate about helping our clients to succeed. We’re experts when it comes to knowing how to give your award entry the polish it needs to catch the judges’ attention and give you the best chance of becoming a finalist.

We’ve written and reviewed literally hundreds of successful business awards. You can rely on Award Writers to complete a thorough review of your draft award entry. Our sound advice and guidance on how to improve the entry will position you for success.


Every year, we write and review scores of award entries – 95% of are shortlisted and of these, 73% go on to win.

For help with writing, reviewing, proofreading or editing your business awards, contact Proof Communications on 02 8036 5532 or 0448 566 377 or head to the contact page.

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