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Proof Communications is a Sydney copywriting, editing and proofreading business that copywrites, edits and proofreads Business to Business (B2B) marketing and sales materials for services and professional services businesses.

While we are based in Sydney, we are not focused only on Sydney copywriting.

We make words easy for you.

No more struggling with what to write or wondering where to put the apostrophe.

If you need an experienced copywriter, editor or proofreader for your tenders, proposals, brochures, articles, newsletters or websites, we can help.

Our marketing and sales copywriting expertise will help you to win more business, build your brand, and say what you need to say to your clients or customers.

Professional, polished copywriting, editing and proofreading.

We are here to help you to:

  • Win more business - by writing, editing or proofreading your tenders, proposals or pitches, brochures and sales letters.
  • Promote your business - with copy for your website, brochures, people and product profiles, flyers, articles, or other marketing materials.
  • Stay in touch with your customers - with newsletters, reports and articles.
  • Save time - by quickly reworking or editing your surveys, reports, tenders and proposals.
"What impressed me most about working with Rosemary was the time she took at the beginning of the assignment to get to know me and my business. The result is two pieces of work for which I have already received some very complimentary feedback. I plan to be working with Rosemary again very soon."

Mark Chaston
Principal, Mark Chaston Financial Planning


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